Opened in 1973 by Hilly Kristal in Manhattan's East Village
CBGB & OMFUG stands for "Country, Bluegrass, Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers"
The Ramones debuted at CBGB in 1974.
Out-of-towners such as the Police and B-52’s made their first New York debuts.
Guns 'N' Roses premiered their song "Patience"at CBGB in 1987.
The bathroom at CBGB was considered one of the most disgusting places on earth.
The club closed upon its final concert, played by Patti Smith, on October 15, 2006.
During its opening an estimated 50,000 bands had played.
CBGB was known for hardcore punk.
A movie titled “CBGB” which was released in 2013. Alan Rickman plays Hilly Kristal.
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